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Pet First Aid Course Content

The course covers the primary care skills and other injuries & illnesses that you may come across when owning a pet or working with animals. The course is a combination of teaching, question and answer sessions and practical application on our dog mannequins.  We focus on dogs, as care is similar with all animals.

  • Introduction to the course

  • The vet and your role in first aid

  • Keeping your pet safe in an emergency

  • Car accidents

  • Pet proofing your home

  • Communication and care of your pet

  • How pets show pain

  • Checking your pet’s health

  • Restraint of a pet in need and the use of a muzzle

  • Breathing and respiratory problems, including choking

  • Dog CPR

  • Drowning

  • Shock

  • Pet first aid kits

  • Broken bones

  • Spinal injury and moving an injured pet

  • Controlling bleeding

  • Dressings and bandages

  • Paw problems

  • Ears, eyes and mouth

  • Illnesses

  • Poisoning, bites and stings

  • Burns and temperature related problems

  • The older dog

  • Small dog care

  • Puppies and young animals

  • Travelling with your dog abroad

  • Summary

Course Aims

  • To introduce basic first aid for pets ensuring that the animal is cared for and that the safety of the pet and first aider are kept as a high priority.

  • After this course the student will have a greater understanding of the possible injuries and illnesses that could affect their pet and know that gaining immediate professional care is vital to ensure that pain and suffering is reduced as much as possible.

  • This course is aimed at giving you more information but make sure you always consult a qualified vet with any injury or illness.


The course certificate is valid for 3 years, after which renewal of skills should be undertaken.

ProTrainings Pet First Aid Certificate and Wallet Card  The Academy Canine First Aid Diploma

On successful completion of the course students will be issued with The Academy Diploma in Canine First Aid plus ProTrainings Pet First Aid Certificate and Wallet Card.

Animal First Aid Skills

As with all first aid skills, they are designed to help a patient before professional help arrives or we can move the patient to a veterinary professional.


Pet First Aid Student Manual

Everyone attending this course will be given a ProTrainings Pet First Aid Student Manual.  An excellent reference guide to record and refresh your knowledge of Animal First Aid.